Round 5 – Time Trial Friday 21/06/24

What are Time Trial’s (TT’s)?

TT’s are bike races where riders start at intervals and ride as fast as possible over a set distance.  The rider who covers the distance in the shortest time is the winner.  This is the simplest form of bike racing and is often used as a Prologue or Stage 1 of Races/Big Tours and is often called “The Race of Truth”.

How does it work?

You sign on as normal and when it’s your race Category you will be asked to line up in race number order, ready to be called to the line to start at 30 second intervals. 

Riders will be held on the line by a helper with your feet on the pedals or clipped in.  You will be counted down 5,4,3,2,1. GO! – to then start racing for the set number of laps.  

Riders will have a start lane to join the course. Riders must count their own laps; there will not be a lap board.  If you catch up and pass other riders you must not ‘work’ with them and they must not draft behind you or take pace/slipstream at all.

Each Cat has a longer lap than normal, but slightly less overall distance.  All riders must pass over the transponder line to record a time.   After finishing, all riders will continue slowly to the right of the road and leave the circuit once they reach the main building.

The fastest 10 riders will gain points in the Series the same as the bunch races.

Please note: There will be no warm-up circuit available after the U12’s Start.  Bring rollers/turbos for warming up in the hub area.

CatStart Time ApproxCircuit optionLapsLap LengthLength Total
U8s09.30BMX Loop to Bottom Oval21.1km2.2km
U10s09.45BMX Loop – Dog Leg22.1km4.2km
U12s10.10Full Circuit32.5km7.5km
U14s10.40Full Circuit42.5km10km
U16s11.15Full Circuit52.5km12.5km

Use your Normal Bike, on your Normal Youth Gear Restriction. NO Time Trial Bikes! NO Clip on Aero-bars, NO Aero Helmets or Aero wheels that cannot be used in circuit or road races under BC Regs (Discs, Trispokes or Deeps).

TT Etiquette
  • Fit your transponder! Make sure your number is clearly visible from behind for the Timekeepers to see.
  • If you are late to your start, that will be added to your race time, so line up on time and in order!
  • Encourage riders you catch, be polite and pass safely with plenty of space.
  • Keep your head up and look at what’s in front of you! 
  • Take care at the tight corners and contraflow! No overtaking in the contraflow straights.



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